Back from doing stuff!


So I’m officially back after many months of soul searching, working & making affiliate over at playing my favourite passion (computer games) and if you like that (shameless plug) you can check it all out at!

So more specifically what was I doing? Well firstly I took some criticisms about the way I word some of the blogs I’d done then took a small step back and re-evaluated the way I wanted to do them and then finally came back and have adjusted some. Granted my adjustments are minor and shouldn’t be worried about but adjustments there are!

Secondly I’ve found my love and passion for entertaining people with games again! I started live streaming over at Twitch because I missed interacting with people and generally playing games for fun. Live streaming also lets me vent (not in a bad way don’t worry I don’t sit there cussing out my followers or something like some streamers do) and I feel people enjoy watching me vent cause then I die and vent some more and die some more…funny stuff! #getmeoncomedycentral

So what should we all expect from the blogs now? Well I still haven’t even begun with the health supplements and game issues and some other things have cropped up so I want to put my 10 cents in there too. So nothing really will change although I will be paying more attention to what I write and how it will look! Next blog should be out fairly soon so…yeah get ready and until then love ya’ll!



Micro-transactions: You Don’t Get What You Pay For

The glorious rip off that is a micro-transaction! Almost every game has one in some form nowadays and we can’t wait to throw our hard-earned dollars at a company in hopes of landing that sexy new weapon skin or cheeky emote. However do any of us stop to think about exactly what that micro-transaction translates to? Do we consider how much money triple A title companies make from a simple little PayPal purchase? Let’s take a look shall we!

Now let’s not fool ourselves, these have been around for YEARS and I’m not talking a couple, oh no no no mon petit chéri, We’re talking since the release of arcade games (Not even joking, the fact you have to pay TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME IS IN ITSELF A MICRO-TRANSACTION!) However the first real hits from these mirco menaces came with MMOs, not surprisingly, as games such as World of Warcraft wanted you to pay for every single expansion, Everquest wanted you to pay for armor and potions and a whole bunch of other stuff and lets not forget big ol’ Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with its massive store of aesthetically pleasing goodies!

For me I noticed the true pain of these with Evolve, the 4v1 game developed by Turtle Rock Studios and Published by 2K Games where after you bought the game…YOU HAD TO BUY EVERYTHING ELSE SEPARATELY…THE FUCK!?! It was like buying a Pokemon trading card base pack and having to buy booster packs…but in game form! Once this game had shown me the horrors I started seeing them everywhere but like to think this cause the massive influx of itty bitty transactions in every single triple A title I played. Destiny had “silver” while Warframe had “Platinum” and before we knew it….this was actually an ok thing for these massive, multi million dollar companies to fish for extra bucks, side note it’s NOT!

Now instead of swinging out at every company for this I’d like to plead a case in which micro-transactions may actually be ok to an extent. *dodges hail of rotten fruit and stones* now steady on and here me out. Whilst I am completely against any company that commits a triple A game into the market having these transactions I’m actually ok with free to play games having them…to an extent.

As I stated before the MMO game Warframe has a currency called “Platinum” which you can buy from the platinum store with your dollars…or you can trade for it making everything locked behind the in-game currency wall accessible by everyone. The only issue I have with the current way this works is you can also buy Frames and weapons ready made with extra slots so there is no grinding to get the materials etc needed and I feel this detracts from the game. How will you experience what the game has to offer if you can bypass it and just buy shit outright? One can hope this’ll change in the future but I’m not holding my breath…mainly because I’m an ex smoker and have the lung capacity of a gutted fish but also because the system “works” so the company has no reason to change it.

Path of Exile is also another title worth mentioning for its micro-transactions but for completely different reasons. The prices of the currency in the game (Points…no shit it’s just called Points…I like it! Short and sweet!) are set and, to me, feel rather high for what you get but the store contains nothing but aesthetic items from armour and weapon skins to pets that follow you round. The downside is this currency cannot be traded and so if you want something from the shop either buy points or keep wanting!

Now the reason I feel the need to mention these two games for my argument for micro-transactions is because both games are free to play…and the only two games I play that are free to play with this kind of in game currency system! But for a game that offers me the same experience a $40-60 game does for NOTHING I have no quarrel supporting the company through these little transactions. And I’m sure there are many other games out there, also free to play, that offer in game currencies and that’s ok too! Why? Because I DIDN’T PAY OUT $60 TO HAVE YOUR STUPID MICRO-TRANSACTION GUN SKIN WEDGED DOWN MY THROAT! *deep breath* But seriously Activision, Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games & Infinity Wards have made millions from Call of Duty titles, which cost a good $50 on release roughly, and Bungie are currently milking Destiny 2 players dry and we then lumber smaller companies with free titles in with them? No. Wrong. Incorrect. There is a different between ripping off your consumers and offering them extras.

I’d add DLC into this but I feel it has its own rant to come…and trust me…it’s gonna be one hell of a rant!

Lewds Vs Nudes: The Difference Between Porn & Passion!

I’d like to start this by thanking the lovely Llivingdead for allowing me to use her pictures for the featured image! For more from her follow her on Twitter: @Llivingdead91

Lewds, a term everyone uses nowadays and I still feel half of them have no clue what they’re on about! Yet at the same time I feel it’s not their fault entirely since as years have gone on and time has progressed the internet offered more and more until lines between certain ideas, concepts and terms became nothing but blurry ass smudges like badly blended Pewdiepie Photoshop competition entries! SO LET ME EDUCATE YA’LL!

The term “lewd” is an adjective often used to describe something of erotic nature, or otherwise obscene or indecent and yet people across the globe take this as meaning “YO I’M GONNA SEE BIG OL’ TITTIES!” and proceed to disrespect without, in most cases, looking into said person.

Lliving comment

Most cosplayers or adults with expressive pictures experience this on a regular basis. But why? Why can people not reel in their libidos and actually THINK before requesting nudes and getting pissed off when they’re blocked or told no? If a person does these kinds of pictures surely there would be evidence prior to you asking right? Like an actual picture…Maybe something mentioned in their description because if they did that they’d tell you instead of hiding it…did you think to look? Naa why would anyone do that? Looking for the evidence is hard and time consuming.

Here’s a great question. You see that cosplayer you saw that one picture of in that tight outfit looking “bangable” and showing off their passion, their skill, their drive…do you know how long they WORKED on that? Do you know how much time, effort, sweat, patience, dedication & god damn WORK goes into creating those amazing, beautifully crafted outfits? They don’t buy them from Amazon or Ebay or Etsy…they make it all…by hand…over countless weeks and months until their passion takes form and they are able to express that for everyone who wants to see. Sure it’s alluring but that’s the beauty of lewd. But you degrade this by requesting nude pictures and say they’re “sluts” and “whores” because they have dressed in a revealing outfit.

Here’s an example for you: Let’s say your sister is deeply into cosplay and starts to show it to others and someone messages her and says “Do you nudes as well? Can I see?” how would that make you feel? Bet you’d be pretty pissed right?…Feel like a hypocrite yet?

Allow me to offer you a saying, it’s not a famous saying, it’s not a popular saying but it’s a befitting one:

It’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t see.

What me to elaborate? When you see nudes you’ve seen it. There’s nothing more to it, it is the human form unbound and free. Lewds however are much, much more. They offer you a taste of that freedom but remain chained. They show you what could be without showing you what is. They are elegant instead of shocking, creative instead of copy & pasted and more revealing then any nude.

Another major issue I see in this realm of lewdy goodness is “body shaming” people who don’t fit the cookie cutter mould of what a character should look like. I have four words for you people…FUCK THE FUCK OFF! They don’t look good?? Where’re your cosplay pictures? Oh right no balls, no guts, no creativity. But more importantly no imagination. Who the hell says they don’t look good? I think plus size Spidergwen or Draenei’s or Widowmakers are awesome! Size 0? GIMME SIZE HEALTHY! They don’t need to conform to your stupid ideology that a cosplayer should have a certain body shape to cosplay a certain role. Go take a walk and shake off that bullshit 1830’s crap. These people are healthy, beautiful and proud! To any cosplayers that read this…BE DAMN PROUD! you want to be a plus sized Draenei (seriously I need to see this…) then do it! Want to cosplay Doll from Bloodborne and your a guy? GO FOR IT! This is art and art has no form and you are the living canvas!

So to finalise this rant of epicness, cosplayers you are all amazing and execute talents far beyond most peoples pay grades so be proud of what you will deliver tomorrow. And haters…the world will not force you to look so do it a favour, and turn your toxic eyes elsewhere. Pricks…

Plexus Block, How “Healthy” Does Your Wallet Feel?

So recently a friend of mine showed me this new diet supplement people are taking and “raving” about how “well it works” and decided “…SCREW IT! LET’S PROVE IT’S OVERPRICED BULLSHIT!”

The supplement in question people is called “Plexus”, more specifically “Plexus Block”, and for the “low low” price of $40 (That’s almost £30 for us brits) for a one time purchase OR $34 for a subscription (Almost £24) you can get 60 capsules of “Plexus Block” which apparently blocks the absorption of up to 48% of sugar into the body…HANDY!…or is it?

The active ingredients are basically:
* “Exclusive” Brown Seaweed Blend and White Kidney Bean Extract
* Chromax® Chromium Picolinate
* …No wait that’s it…the rest is…well…bonding agents, anti clogging agents…& silica.

Firstly….WHAT THE HELL YOU MEAN EXCLUSIVE?? Like someone out there actually blended some seaweed and kidney beans together for you and you went “Yup it’s exclusive folks! Only we have this!” I’m pretty sure there are more companies etc out there using the same “blend”…probably dieting supplements too! Secondly The “Chromax” is basically a trademark so there’s most of your $40…the name…

So anyway I checked all the ingredient amounts etc and found online three products you can buy with equal of better amounts, more capsules and HALF THE PRICE!

Chromium Picolinate can be picked up from Bulk Powders for £2.99 ($4.30) (60 Capsules @ 250mcg vs Plexus 200mcg)

brown seaweed blend…like….seriously it’s brown seaweed…just that…. Piping Rock Health Products sell 60 capsules for £4.21 ($6) (equal to Plexus @ 500mg)

Finally white kidney beans…like really?…go to the damn shop and buy a can…it’ll cost you like…59p (around 85 cents)…and you can pull the amount to what’s inside that Plexus shite (200mg)

Now I know people are gonna come at me with “Oh but it’s seaweed BLEND and kidney bean EXTRACT! There’s a difference!” Yeah….no these are just fancy pants wordings to make you THINK it’s better but truth is…it’s not! These are just words thrown in to make it look amazing when in fact it’s bullshit! They extracted…what from the kidney bean?….the kidney bean itself? Have I been eating them wrong all these years!?! WAS I SUPPOSED TO EXTRACT THE BEAN FROM THE…no they say this to make you think there’s some trick to it when they probably went and bought that same 85 cents can of kidney beans and charged your ass $40 for it.

As for that seaweed BLEND…what…you can’t BLEND two types of seaweed together? Are your hands not capable of normal human functions? Or is more the case it was easier to turn over your money for convenience?

Why am I doing this? So you can look at this, read it and think “Screw me I just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading Fox’s bloody rant!” but more importantly so you don’t buy into these stupid fads this year.

$40 vs $11.15….please think before you fork your money over to these companies because by doing this you fund their next get rich quick scheme simply because you couldn’t be bothered to actually research and look.